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Pursesuitz Featured in Forbes as a Traveler Gift Idea!

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Sometimes even a crossbody bag isn’t practical but you need to keep your passport and valuables close. Pursesuitz Pocketwear safely stashes your stuff inside your clothing, meaning you have one less worry in transit.

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We also featured a new safety product, Pursesuitz, created by entrepreneur Barbara Zabawa. Pursesuitz Pocketwear is a stylish athletic tank top with pockets to securely keep your keys, wallet, phone and other valuables safe from view.

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Any woman who’s gone to buy professional clothing has experienced firsthand the frustration of not having the same number of pockets as their male counterparts.

Entrepreneur Barbara Zabawa has invented a solution to this problem and recently shared her product with the moguls of Project Pitch It.

New York Lifestyles Magazine features Pursesuitz

New York Lifestyles Magazine

New York Lifestyles Magazine

"Phone. ID. Keys. Debit card. Go. A girl can dream. Still, once Pursesuitz Pocketwear® Tank Tops caught my eye. dreams melted into reality. Suddenly I'm Wonder Woman: braless yet supported; at the gym and moisture-wicked... on the subway... schmoozing at Starbucks. My stuff? Nicely stashed in ultra-secure tank top pockets."

New York Lifestyles Magazine features Pursesuitz

Travel Goods Magazine

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The Level 3 Tank Top is Pursesuitz Pocketwear’s® most technically advanced tank top and offers the most bust support with built-in pockets to store essentials. 


Full Review: Gearadical

"I can tell you that the tank was comfortable, stayed in place, and did, in fact, safely carry my phone and plastic bag. No slipping or dropping of objects at all. This tank would make a great gift for your loved one who likes having pockets to carry her necessities." 

Trailblazer Girl

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No pockets…no problem! As long as you have the Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank! Our activewear tops often don’t have pockets to carry your ID, phone, or keys, making it so that you’ll have to bring along a bag or purse to cart all these necessary items with you. Pursesuitz allows you to wear your “suit” as your “purse” – great idea! This tank is fashioned out of an antimicrobial, recycled fabric that is moisture wicking and machine washable. It has a bit of a compression fit, which allows the two side pockets to snugly hold your valuables in place. The pockets are big enough to comfortably hold a phone or even a thin wallet. Another good thing is that it can be worn as a stand-alone tank or as a base layer under another top. It’s available in 5 colors for all your TrailblazerGirl adventures. The Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank is the Pocketwear tank top must have!