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Pocketwear by Pursesuitz ® offers a versatile, comfortable solution to the gender gap in pockets by letting you wear your SUIT as your PURSE. Keeping your essential items on you, rather than carrying them in your hand or in an external bag brings freedom, equality, and confidence.

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Clearance Tanks

Next time you find yourself holding a bag and wish you weren't...

Think of Pursesuitz Pocketwear ®

Top 7 Reasons to Try Pocketwear by Pursesuitz

  1. No bags allowed? No problem! Never worry about venue bag policies again
  2. Hand Free: Pursue life without baggage
  3. Security: Store your essentials in an undergarment to protect them from thieves and forgetfulness
  4. Ease of Use: Easy access to your phone, keys, and other essentials
  5. Sustainability & Germ Free: Our recycled, antimicrobial and moisture wicking fabric protects your valuables from germs
  6. Versatility: Wear under anything, dressy or casual
  7. Be a rebel! Screw customs and take back the power pockets offer
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We Won: Project Pitch It!

We just won Peg Ann and David Gruber Project Pitch It Award! We are grateful for this opportunity and are thrilled to continue providing Pocketwear that empowers women and let's them enjoy their life without a baggage.

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  • Amy Salberg

    I bought one to wear as an undergarment for early-morning dog walking. I usually throw on sweats before that walk and they don't always have pockets (and, if they do, the pockets aren't secure enough for my phone). Great idea!

  • Sharyn Alden

    Love it because...

    Besides fitting perfectly, the fabric has a high quality feel and style that can pair well with skirts and pants besides being a go-to walk-the-dog type of functional piece. So comfy too... Here's my A+... and since I'm a new fan to your line I'll be telling others.

  • Amanda Reese

    I've enjoyed my "Level 1" pocket tanks since first trying them -- and want this pre-order campaign to reach 300 orders! Perfect for hiking, dog walks, errand-running, and layering under dress clothes to add pockets to any outfit. Makes a great gift, too.

  • Kira Henschel

    I love mine. Very comfortable and practical!

  • Isabelle Wettergren

    Hope your business takes off. I market for you anytime I can.
    It’s a really great quality product. Haven’t played tennis in a while, but will send you pic when I do.

  • Marybeth Herbst

    I have all three versions of the Pursesuitz Pocket tank and wear and love them. Whether I'm on the road, walking the dog, or just need an extra "hand" around the house, there's a level of support that meets my needs. (Note, not a paid endorsement. No free items were given to me -I just really like them!)

  • Sheila Cridell

    As a mental health counselor I'm always on the go and my Pursesuitz tank top allows me to move freely from office to group room without worrying about leaving my phone or wallet behind granting me peace of mind. Thanks Pursesuitz for an affordable solution.

  • Lois Irwin

    You have a great product. I wear it every time I go to an event, including last night at the theater. Keeps your hands free to applaud!

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