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Women’s clothing has a tendency to lack pockets, making it difficult to carry a phone or ID.  Why? Gender discrimination.

Pursesuitz Founder Barbara Zabawa lives an active lifestyle that includes travel and exercise.  In addition to founding Pursesuitz,  Barbara is also a law professor, a practicing attorney and the founder of Lemon Spark.   

One day Barbara was at the US Supreme Court for a case, and learned that while an ID was needed, no purses or bags were allowed - not a problem for men who had pockets, but a source of stress and inconvenience for women, whose clothing often has no pockets, or when it does have them, they are barely functional.  

Women’s clothing lacks functional pockets because of gender discrimination. Centuries ago, it was decided that women’s clothes did not need pockets because women did not earn money and should not venture out. If they did go out, their husbands could carry their most essential items. This discriminatory treatment continues today and creates a host of disadvantages for women.

To help smash the patriarchy we designed tank tops with pockets at the waist in the front on both sides.  It can be worn as an undergarment or outer garment, and women can now have access to all their essentials the same as a man, breaking free of this symbol of oppression.   We call it the Pocketwear tank top.

Pursesuitz Pocketwear offers a versatile, comfortable solution to the gender gap in pockets. Pursesuitz Pocketwear allows you to wear your “suit” as your “purse.” Keeping your essential items on you, rather than carrying them in your hand or in an external bag brings freedom, equality and confidence. This is especially useful for people who are active, when bags are a hassle and inconvenient.

Even better, the Pocketwear Tank is made with antibacterial, recycled fabric that helps the environment while keeping your items safe and germ-free.

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Any woman who’s gone to buy professional clothing has experienced firsthand the frustration of not having the same number of pockets as their male counterparts.

Entrepreneur Barbara Zabawa has invented a solution to this problem and recently shared her product with the moguls of Project Pitch It.