Traveling in 2022? Think Safety First!

Traveling in 2022? Think Safety First!

I should be the last person on earth to be touting the value of safety while traveling. Ask anyone and they will tell you I am pretty oblivious to my surroundings. When I travel, I am drawn into the wonder of the background scenery, whether its architectural masterpieces, majestic mountains or exhilarating bodies of water, that I lose sight of the foreground. Once while walking down the streets of London a half-naked man walked right by me and I didn’t even notice. My husband who was walking beside me nudged me and asked “Did you see that?!?!” “See what?,” I replied. That guy just passed us with his pants around his ankles!

I didn’t see that, or numerous other things my travel companions have caught over the years. When I travel, I want to savor the things that brought me there in the first place, so I lose sight of the other people and circumstances that also give a place character.

But because I want to enjoy my hard-earned, much-anticipated travels is exactly why I need to be telling you about safety. Being oblivious to my immediate surroundings makes me an easy target for criminals. So far, I have been lucky to avoid any major mishap in the way of losing money or identification while traveling. I’ve come close, however. One time in Rome we were on a crowded bus and I saw some would-be pickpockets reach into my husband’s camera bag. We were able to stop them in time, but not everyone is so fortunate. One robbery or assault is enough to ruin the best planned trip.

Thinking about your safety while traveling is essential to getting the most enjoyment out of your trip. If you could walk around even the most notoriously crime-ridden tourist spots (like parts of Europe) with your essentials protected and hidden from view, wouldn’t you enjoy yourself that much more? Not only would you feel more safe, but you would also be hands and shoulders free!  Pursesuitz Pocketwear gives women the option to venture out safely and with confidence. The Pocketwear Tank Top offers functional pockets that can store your essential items like phone, keys, wallet and identification documents. Worn as an undergarment , no one will know where your valuables are stored or that you even are carrying them with you. It’s stealth traveling, but still giving you comfort and style in a base layer. 

Treat yourself to a product that will truly make your travels safer and easier. Get your Pursesuitz Pocketwar Tank Top today.  You deserve it.


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