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Tired of Venue Bag Policies? There is an Alternative!

I was recently reading about the insane number of bag restriction policies in Washington, DC. It seems like all the museums, monuments and buildings have guidelines about what types of bags you can bring into those places, how big those bags can be (not very), how you must hold the bags if you can bring them into the venue (carrying a backpack? Yuck.), and where you must store bags that don’t meet the requirements (inconvenient storage lockers). Yikes. And the White House prohibits all bags (including fanny packs and clutches), and to make matters worse, it does not provide storage facilities for your bag. See  If you show up with any kind of bag for a White House tour, you are out of luck. That is really, really disappointing given that you must book such tours well in advance of attending.

Bag restrictions also apply to monuments in Washington, D.C., such as the Washington Monument. See Visitors to the Smithsonian museums will be subject to a bag search.  And if you do bring a bag, you will more than likely stand in a longer line to get into the venue. The Department of Homeland Security has written an entire guidebook for venues to follow regarding bag searches and restrictions. Of course public buildings in the United States’ Capital will be following these guidelines, as well as most major sport and other ticketed venues. See e.g., the NFL’s Bag Policy. Bag policies are not unique to the United States. A 2018 article showcased the adverse consequences faced by Rolling Stones fans when many were denied entry to the concert because their bags did not meet the size restrictions.  

But back to our nation’s capital. Anyone planning a visit to Washington, D.C. will need to be keenly aware of the various bag policies for all the major tourist attractions in the DC area. Having to cancel your visit to a certain venue, or at a minimum having to store a bag for an added expense or inconvenience can erase the fun and enjoyment of your trip.

Alternatively, you could just invest in an undergarment with functional pockets that will allow you to carry everything  you need without the headache of a bag. Since you wear undergarments anyway, why not wear one with functional pockets? That way you won’t ever have to worry again about bag policies and whether your bag will meet the requirements. Purchase your Pocketwear Tank today at


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