An article by The Atlantic raised an important lesson in the historical significance of pockets. To quote from the article: 

“And yet, despite the seeming ubiquity of pockets, these small folds of fabric are more readily available to some people than they are others. Although private interiors, pockets allow their wearers a certain mobility, a capacity to move in public space. To be considered a physically and economically able subject, one must be free to carry his or her objects from place to place. Whereas the absent or empty pocket signifies depravation, the stuffed pocket suggests social entitlement and advantage.”

Hence, these few sentences raise awareness that functional pockets are not just mere conveniences. Historically, they have been symbols of social advantage: who is entitled to have pockets and thus things to stuff in them, and who is not.

As the article points out, when women’s clothing became more form fitting in the mid-1800s, fashion designers did away with pockets or made them so small that they basically lacked function. It was then that women started carrying handbags to hold their possessions. But handbags, like all bags, are external to the garment, and this exposure presents its own problems. External bags weigh us down, cause shoulder pain, and create safety issues. Despite these very real problems, most women accept these inconveniences and safety hazards in the name of fashion and social expectations.

But we shouldn’t have to oblige. We can create alternatives that make more sense for our daily lives. That is what Pursesuitz aims to do. Starting with the Pocketwear Tank Top, Pursesuitz has created a solution to many of the problems that purses and lack of functional pockets has caused for us. We still believe in style and do not believe that shopping for men’s clothing or cargo pants is the answer. The Pocketwear Tank offers versatility with a tank top that can be worn on its own or as an undergarment. Worn as an undergarment specifically allows women to wear a stylish top over the tank top to conceal the pocket contents. Pocket bulges that occur from form fitting clothes can be very unsightly, and really undermine the point of pockets, which is to hide contents from view. So, go ahead and wear your favorite pair of leggings, skirt, shorts or pants. The Pursesuitz Pocketwear Tank Top will hold your items securely, while still giving you easy access to them. Ditch your bag, free your hands and shoulders, and start pursuing life with Pursesuitz Pocketwear!

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