I love reading the Business of Fashion.  A recent article analyzed the future of handbags and recognized that the market for large, leather handbags is struggling.  People, both men and women, are gravitating toward smaller bags that they can wear crossbody.  The article also noted that “the increased use of smartphones has meant more consumers prefer to keep both hands free, as well as not needing as much space in their bags for documents, agendas and books.”

While the desire for ready-access smart phone use and hands-free lifestyle is noteworthy, what bothers me is that no one talks about the shoulder pain handbags cause.  Wearing a bag crossbody helps for certain, but it is still a weight that is unevenly distributed across your shoulders that after long periods of time, can cause should strain.  This is especially the case while traveling, when you are likely to be out and about for hours at a time.

I am not the only one to recognize the tingling sensation that occurs after carrying a bag for a long period of time.  An article by Premier Health states the following:


Carrying a heavy shoulder bag or purse can cause an uneven weight distribution, straining back muscles and affecting blood flow to the shoulder, according to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

Heavy purses, and straps without padding, can also place extra pressure on the nerves leading to the shoulders, neck and lower back. AOTA says this may result in a pins-and-needles or tingling sensation, as well as feelings of stiffness, numbness or tightness.


When I am not running Pursesuitz, I work as a wellness lawyer.  Thus, a lot of my clients are wellness professionals who encourage healthier lifestyles.  If we know that handbags can damage our health, then the wellness community should get on board with at least recognizing the causes of back, neck and shoulder strain, which includes carrying handbags.

This painful reality is part of the reason why I grew to dislike purses, and why I founded Pursesuitz as another option for women to carry their essentials without sacrificing style.  You can wear the Pocketwear Tank underneath your favorite blouse or casual shirt but still have easy access to your most essential items, like your smart phone and wallet.  Because the pockets are in the tank top, that means you can wear whatever bottoms you want and not worry whether they have pockets (because most women’s pants and skirts do not have functional pockets).  It also means when you start feeling warm and need to shed some layers while traveling, you are not shedding the layer that contains your essential items.  You can also feel more secure with the pockets being concealed in the front – a much tougher situation for pickpockets or purse thieves.

I hope you find Pursesuitz Pocketwear clothing as versatile, comfortable and stylish as I do.  I want you to have options and to live your best life.  The Pocketwear Tank can help you get there.

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