Bag Policies Discriminate Against Women

Bag Policies Discriminate Against Women

I just read an article by The Redstone Rocket regarding bag policies at venues. It turns out that a lot of sport stadiums, museums, government buildings and of course airports have bag restrictions. The restrictions might be the number of bags you can carry, the size of the bag, or that the bag must be clear, see-through plastic. Or it may be a combination of all three types of rules. Regardless, perusing a sample of venue bag policies, I saw no restrictions on pockets. None. There may be restrictions on the types of items you can carry in your pockets (like no pocketknives or other weapons), but as long as the item itself was not on the “prohibited item list,” if you can stuff it in your pocket, you are good to go.

Who benefits from these bag policies? Men. Men benefit because their clothes have functional pockets that can carry whatever they need. As the male author of the article on bag policies notes, he never gives any consideration to whether the place he is going “has metal detectors or some form of security at the door.” His wife, on the other hand, has to look up the venue’s roles on the types of purses are allowed into the venue, and as he points out, that can vary from place to place. He continues “This is one of a million things that she must do just to partake in society that I wouldn’t think about in a million years.”

To all the women out there, don’t we have enough on our minds and plates to be forced to think about what type of bag, if any, that we can bring with us when we venture out? Why do we accept this blatant discrimination? We should not. This discrepancy between men being able to venture out worry free and women having to worry about how they will carry their essentials is exactly why I started Pursesuitz Pocketwear. I nearly missed out on an important court case because I couldn’t bring my bag into the courthouse and because I didn’t have my bag, I didn’t have my identification card. Without an ID, I was not allowed inside. My male colleagues had no trouble entering the courthouse because they always carried their ID in their pockets. I vowed to find a solution to address this fear of missing out on life events that women uniquely face every day.

That’s where Pursesuitz Pocketwear comes in. As an undergarment with functional pockets, you will always be able to carry your essential items on you, no matter what else you wear. Dress up or down, wearing a Pursesuitz Pocketwear tank top will remove one less thing for you to think or worry about. Your phone, wallet, keys and other essential items can always be on you in secure, private, easily accessible pockets. Women should not have to jump through so many hoops to enjoy the same things men can enjoy carefree. Do yourself a favor and purchase a Pursesuitz Pocketwear tank top for you and a friend so you both can finally pursue life without baggage.

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